5 Materials To Give Your Pool a Natural Finish

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creative design of a swimming poolIf you are thinking of decorating your swimming pool interior but don’t know which material will fit your budget and ideas best, you better book professional pool services and get the job done by experts. Make sure you hire someone creative enough to give you some guidance, but flexible to accept your ideas as well.

If you want to apply a finish which looks natural, you better choose some of the following 5 unique natural stone coatings which Cape Pool Renovations Inc, of Cape Coral, FL, recommends:

1) Gem finish – There are plenty of gem finishes which you can choose from, but most of them are blue color based.
2) Pearl finish – It contains selected river aggregate, white Portland cement, and additives.
3) Pearl accent finish – It also contains selected river aggregate, white Portland cement, and additives as well but the particles it is made of are slightly bigger and give a more natural look to the surface of your pool.
4) Jewel finish – It gives the glossy and shiny look glass particles normally give to various surfaces. In fact, this type of finish has nothing to do with jewels but the final result can make you feel like a prince or princess when you swim in your pool.
5) Petite river stone finish – It is a very hard and long-lasting surface composed of tiny stones mixed with white cement. Contrary to common belief they are not only colored in dark nuances but can also give the classic blue water look to your pool.

In order to pick the material that fits your ideas best we recommend you arrange a consultation with a pool services provider in your town and take a look at a few samples of each material. Visualization will definitely help you make your final decision. Of course, the price is another thing you must consider. If the finish you have chosen exceeds your finances, you can ask your local swimming pool contractor to recommend you a cheaper solution which will give you the natural look you are searching for.

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