Tips for late pool opening

A swimming pool contractor advice to pool opening

Summer is here and for some people it brings sunny skies and pool parties. For those who are late to open their pool, it brings only the nice weather.

Our company is a licensed swimming pool contractor with years of experience and as such, we have great expertise in handling all kinds of pools. That’s why we want to share our wisdom and practical knowledge with you.

swimming pool after a renovation Before opening your pool there are several steps to follow:

1. Check the amounts of pool chemicals and supplies you have left from last season. You will have to purchase more of those that are about to run out or have expired. Continue reading

Open your pool for the summer before it’s too late

Why it is better to open your pool earlier

custom designed swimming poolSummer is here and yet there are people with unopened pools. This article is for those who prefer to wait a while before opening their pools. Is it really better to wait?

The best thing to do when in doubt, is to ask the pool services for advice. It depends on your location and the climate in the area but the general rule is, if the temperatures during the day reach 70 degrees, it’s time to call the pool services and have them clean and open your pool. Continue reading

5 Materials To Give Your Pool a Natural Finish

Find someone to consult you about pool services

creative design of a swimming poolIf you are thinking of decorating your swimming pool interior but don’t know which material will fit your budget and ideas best, you better book professional pool services and get the job done by experts. Make sure you hire someone creative enough to give you some guidance, but flexible to accept your ideas as well.

If you want to apply a finish which looks natural, you better choose some of the following 5 unique natural stone coatings which Cape Pool Renovations Inc, of Cape Coral, FL, recommends: Continue reading

Types of Pool Surfaces

Pool resurfacing is a pool service that is an integral part of your Cape Coral FL pool maintenance. There are several reasons why it is done. The most important among them is to prevent the pool from leaking. Over time, the pool finish gets damaged because of the chemical wear and tear along with the influence of the elements. When your pool is chalking, when it is getting more difficult to keep it clean or when you have calcium build-up in the pool, it is time for a pool resurface.

The different types of pool surfaces are:

blue mosaic1.Marcite For a long time, marcite was considered to be the best product on the market for resurfacing a concrete pool. This was so because it used to be very long lasting (20-25 years). In the last 10 years, however, this has changed. Marcite used to contain asbestos, and EPA ruled that asbestos should be removed from the plaster, because it was carcinogenic. It was exactly asbestos what gave marcite its durability and strength. Modern, asbestos-free marcite lasts only about 5 years. Marcite remains, however, the cheapest product. Continue reading