Open your pool for the summer before it’s too late

Why it is better to open your pool earlier

custom designed swimming poolSummer is here and yet there are people with unopened pools. This article is for those who prefer to wait a while before opening their pools. Is it really better to wait?

The best thing to do when in doubt, is to ask the pool services for advice. It depends on your location and the climate in the area but the general rule is, if the temperatures during the day reach 70 degrees, it’s time to call the pool services and have them clean and open your pool.

Why should I open it earlier? What are the risks of leaving it closed?

Of course, the first reason is money. No one likes paying for pool services. That’s why one of the common reasons pool owners delay opening their pool, is the misconception that it will be more expensive if it is opened earlier. Opening the pool is cheaper now, than it was several years ago. With the growing number of salt water pools and the modernization of filtration systems, the costs for water, electricity and cleaning chemicals are not that high. The chemicals that pool services are going to need to clean and open your late pool are more expensive than that.

Algae is the second concern on your mind. It loves good weather, high temperatures and moisture. If any sunlight is getting through the covers, it’s probably turning your pool into an ideal breeding ground for algae. The more you wait , the bigger the danger of finding a large soup bowl of algae where your pool used to be.

An open pool is a constant source of entertainment for kids. If you open your pool early, you don’t have to deal with bored kids. They will be all over the pool in no time. Be careful though, kids can be sloppy and can cause you a lot of trouble. That’s why you should always be prepared to call the pool services for emergency pool repairs.

Summer is the season for being outside and enjoying the world outside of your home and workplace. However, there is nothing more disappointing, than a beautiful yard with a covered pool. Opening your pool is like an invitation for the summer to begin. Once opened and operational a good clean pool makes the home more cozy and more comfortable.

Pool activities are the last reason, and in our opinion, the best. There are various things to do with a pool. You can use it for swimming. It’s fun and great exercise for the entire body and the breathing system. You can cool off and relax, or socialize with your close ones.

Don’t delay any longer! Call the pool services and have them clean and open your pool before the algae takes over. If you don’t know who to turn to for pool repairs and pool services, why don’t you give Cape Pool Renovations Inc a try. We serve Cape Coral, FL and the area and are reachable at (239) 542-2658.