Tips for late pool opening

A swimming pool contractor advice to pool opening

Summer is here and for some people it brings sunny skies and pool parties. For those who are late to open their pool, it brings only the nice weather.

Our company is a licensed swimming pool contractor with years of experience and as such, we have great expertise in handling all kinds of pools. That’s why we want to share our wisdom and practical knowledge with you.

swimming pool after a renovation Before opening your pool there are several steps to follow:

1. Check the amounts of pool chemicals and supplies you have left from last season. You will have to purchase more of those that are about to run out or have expired.

2. Clean the area around the pool to prevent debris from falling in. Remove the cover and use the cleaned area to properly fold it for storage.

3. Don’t forget to clean the cover. Brush it clear of any debris, wash it with a mild detergent and let it dry before rolling it up and storing it for the summer. It has to be kept in a dry place without any moisture and insects.

4. Inspect any parts of the pool that are susceptible to wear and tear. If your pool has vinyl parts, check for damage. It can be easily fixed once located. For fiberglass and concrete pools check for cracks in the waterline tiles, chips in the plaster or other troubling signs in the walls and on the bottom. If there are any serious defects call a swimming pool contractor.

5. You need to lower the water level until it’s below the inlets. Then you have to remove the plugs and if your pool was winterized last season with antifreeze, you will have to drain that antifreeze.

6. Your next move must be to make sure all fittings are clean, tight and have no problems. If you have a winter plate, take it off and reinstall the skimmer.

7. Disconnect all parts that can be disconnected. Inspect them and replace what needs to be replaced or repaired. This is the slow and boring part of pool maintenance, that convinces most people to hire a swimming pool contractor to do it for them. Check your filters. Make sure the pool valves are still working properly and fill up your pool.

8. Make sure the water level is up to midpoint on the waterline in order to have proper water circulation. Reattach any equipment you might have taken apart last season.

9. Get the pump up and running and let it filter the water. Meanwhile you can check for leaks, cracks and any other problems. If something is not working as it should, turn it off and give your swimming pool contractor a call.

Last but not least, test the water before jumping in and remember: – If something in your pool system seems odd, or doesn’t function the way you expect it to, give Cape Pool Renovations Inc a call. We serve all of Cape Coral, FL and the surrounding area.

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